AI Business Transformation Course

Upgrade Your AI Transformation Leadership Skills


Does This Sound Familiar?

While everyone is aware of AI, most people don't know how to manage and lead successful AI transformation.

Feeling outpaced by younger AI-savvy colleagues

Insecurity about discussing AI projects with stakeholders

Apprehension about career progression without AI expertise

Frustration over not understanding AI terminology

Stress from the pressure to adopt AI without guidance

Overwhelm from the vast landscape of AI technologies

Concern about becoming obsolete in a tech-driven market

Difficulty in managing teams with AI skills gaps

Why Take This Course

Gain a competitive edge and keep pace with emerging talent through our expert-led AI training.

Build confidence in articulating AI project benefits and strategies to stakeholders.

Secure your career trajectory with contemporary AI knowledge and skills.

Clarify AI concepts and jargon, making them accessible and actionable.

Receive structured guidance on how to strategically implement AI in your role.

Navigate the AI landscape with a clear understanding of applicable technologies.

Future-proof your position in an ever-evolving technological marketplace.

Develop the leadership skills necessary to effectively manage and bridge AI skills gaps within your team.

AI Business Transformation Course

Transformation requires the ability to make innovative use of artificial intelligence to create new value and help achieve strategic business goals.

This course is designed for managers, leaders, and consultants who want to complement their ability to manage and lead transformation with management-level knowledge of artificial intelligence.

  • 9 hours of instructor-led video lessons

  • 60+ lessons

  • Re-usable and customisable templates

  • Practical exercises

  • Final exam

  • Blockchain verified certificate

Course Syllabus

AI in Business Transformation

This module explores the transformative impact of AI within the corporate sector, detailing how artificial intelligence reshapes operational processes, enhances customer engagement, and drives innovation. Participants will understand the strategic importance of AI in achieving business objectives, with case studies that highlight its application in various industries, providing a solid foundation for envisioning AI-powered business transformation.


  • How This Course Works

  • Why AI Matters to Transformation

  • Strategic Business Direction

  • Business Management and AI Innovation

AI Business Fundamentals

In this module, participants will delve into the core principles of AI, learning about different AI technologies, their functionalities, and how they can be applied to solve real-world business problems. It covers everything from the basics of machine learning and natural language processing to more complex concepts such as neural networks, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of AI’s capabilities and limitations.


  • AI & Categories

  • AI Process

  • AI Benefits

  • AI Challenges

  • AI Skills

AI Business Models

This module focuses on integrating AI into business strategies, exploring various models that leverage AI for enhanced profitability and efficiency. Learners will examine how leading companies have successfully implemented AI to transform their business operations, gaining insights into developing robust AI business strategies that can be adapted to their own organizational contexts.


  • About AI Business Models

  • AI Business Model Ideas

  • Netflix AI Business Model

  • Vicarious AI Business Model

  • NVIDIA AI Business Model

AI Functional Use Cases

Explore practical applications of AI across diverse business functions such as marketing, sales, HR, and operations. This module provides a detailed look at how AI can streamline processes, enhance decision-making, and improve service delivery across different departments, offering participants a broad perspective on AI’s versatility within a corporate environment.


  • AI in General Management

  • AI in OperationsAI in Finance and Accounting

  • AI in Human Resources

  • AI in Information Technology

  • AI in Supply Chain

  • AI in Customer Service

  • AI in Sales

  • AI in Marketing

  • AI in Procurement

  • AI in Production

  • AI in Logistics

  • AI in Learning and Development

  • AI in Research and Development

Deconstructed AI Use Cases

Diving deeper into specific applications, this module deconstructs well-known AI use cases from major companies like Uber, Tesla, and Google. Participants will analyse how these companies utilise AI to solve industry-specific challenges, enhancing their understanding of strategic AI deployment and operational execution.


  • Uber - Surge Pricing

  • Tesla - Autonomous Driving Vehicles

  • GE - Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing

  • ChatGPT - Customer Service Automation

  • ETS - Automated Essay Scoring

  • John Deere - Crop Monitoring and Analysis

  • Google - Energy Consumption Optimisation

  • Cleo - Chatbot Personal Financial Management

  • Nuance - Voice-Driven Customer Service Automation

  • Mastercard - Fraud Prevention in Banking

  • Cochlear - How They Innovate With AI

  • Spotify - How They Innovate With AIIntuit - How They Innovate With AI

  • Adobe - How They Innovate With AI

  • Hubspot - How They Innovate With AI

How To Build AI Use Cases

Learn the structured approach to developing effective AI use cases in this module. It guides learners through the process of identifying potential AI applications, assessing feasibility, and planning implementation. This hands-on module emphasises practical skills in scoping and designing AI projects to meet specific business needs.


  • AI Use Case Selection Challenge

  • Step 1: Prepare

  • Step 2: Ideate

  • Step 3: Assess

  • Step 4: Prioritise

  • Step 5: Build or Buy

Project Exercises

This module offers practical exercises that allow learners to apply their AI knowledge in project-based scenarios. Participants will undertake multiple projects designed to challenge their understanding of AI and improve their ability to innovate and solve problems using artificial intelligence, enhancing their readiness for real-world applications.


  • About These Project Exercises

  • Project 1: Use Case Ideation

  • Project 2: Use Case Assessment

  • Project 3: Use Case Prioritisation

AI Capabilities Deep Dive

In this advanced module, participants will explore in-depth various AI capabilities, including computer vision, speech processing, and robotics. It provides an extensive overview of cutting-edge AI technologies and their practical applications, pushing learners to engage with complex AI systems and consider their potential impact on future business landscapes.


  • Computer Audition

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Speech Processing

  • Forecasting

  • Planning and Optimisation

  • Discovery and Pattern Recognition

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Creation

  • Advanced Robotics and Control

  • Computer Vision

Exam and Certificate

The final module prepares participants for a comprehensive examination that tests their knowledge gained throughout the course. Upon successful completion, learners will receive a certification that acknowledges their expertise in AI business transformation, supporting their professional growth and credibility in the field of AI Business Transformation.

  • Certification Requirements

  • About the AI Exam

  • Take The Exam

Meet Your Course Instructor

Rob Llewellyn is an internationally recognised expert in business transformation and artificial intelligence with over two decades of experience helping large organisations harness new technologies to drive commercial success. His career has seen him work across more than 30 countries, providing strategic advice to Fortune 100 CEOs and their top executives on leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including AI, to transform their operations and business models.

As the founder of one of the world’s first online learning platforms dedicated to transformation professionals, Rob has integrated AI extensively within his own company to enhance the learning experience, streamline operations, and deliver personalised content to users.

This CEO's commitment to practical and affordable education helps ambitious professionals around the world to implement AI strategies effectively and to turn technological potential into tangible business achievements.

Who This Course Is For

Our AI Business Transformation Practitioner course is meticulously designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to harness the power of artificial intelligence in driving business transformation. Here’s a guide to who will benefit most from this course:


As a business leader, staying ahead of technological advancements is crucial. This course is tailored for executives, directors, and C-suite leaders who need to grasp the strategic implications of AI. You’ll learn how to articulate AI benefits to stakeholders, make informed decisions about AI investments, and drive your organisation towards a future-proof, AI-enhanced business model.


Whether you’re a project manager, team leader, or senior manager, this course will help you understand how to integrate AI into your business processes, optimise operations, and lead AI-driven initiatives. You will gain insights into AI technologies and their application, enabling you to spearhead innovative projects that align with strategic business goals.


For consultants specialising in business transformation, digital strategy, or technology implementation, this course provides the AI expertise needed to advise clients effectively. You will be equipped to recommend AI solutions that enhance business performance, develop AI strategies, and manage AI projects from inception to completion.

Who Else Might Benefit

Aspiring AI Professionals: If you are looking to pivot your career towards AI or enhance your current role with AI expertise, this course will provide a solid foundation. You’ll gain practical knowledge about AI applications in various business functions, making you a valuable asset to any organisation.

IT Professionals: For IT managers and tech leads, understanding AI is becoming increasingly important. This course will help you bridge the gap between IT and business, ensuring that AI initiatives are technically sound and strategically aligned.

Operations Managers: Streamlining operations with AI can lead to significant efficiency gains. Operations managers will learn how AI can optimise supply chain processes, improve production planning, and enhance logistics management.

Functional Managers: This course considers how AI can be used in 14 functions of an organisation. If you want to play a role in transforming your function, whether it's Finance, HR, Sales, Supply Chain, or any of the other 10 functions covered in the course, this is ideal for you.

Online Learning Benefits

Every lesson is short, laser-focused, easy to digest, and simple to return to again later.

Lessons are narrated in British English. Easy for non-native English speakers to understand.

Study as much as you want, whenever you want - at your own pace. No pressure from anyone.

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